No Quick Fix for “Chronic Stress” Eliminate with Lifestyle Changes

Look, most of us suffer a little stress now and then. Whether it’s on the job with a jerk for a boss or at home with the kids bricking at one another. What we are talking about here is “chronic stress”.

This is stress that degenerates your mood and impairs your thinking patterns. Did you know that if you experience frequent chronic stress, you could dissolve brain cells, harm your memory, and even make it riskier for Alzheimer’s disease?

If that weren’t enough, researchers have found that high degrees of stress can increase a person’s risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Sure, a vacation or listening to soothing music can invoke a temporary mend against stress but what is offered here is some lifestyle changes that can smother stress for the long term offering a more contented work and home life. Here are a few stress busters that if you apply can lead to a happier you:

•   Laugh a lot and louder: Laughing carries both mental and physical benefits. Laughter boosts your disposition by releasing mood-enhancing endorphins in the brain. Not only that, your physical benefits from laughter by boosting more oxygen to heart, lungs and muscles. So do more laughing it up by finding humor in it all.

•     Give your mind meditation satisfaction: We have a lot of scientific evidence that different types of meditation can bust stress over the long haul. Meditation can protect your brain’s memory centers from shrinking caused by emotional pain and stress. Yes, I said shrink.

Just 10 minutes a day, saying a single word or mantra and concentrating on your breathing and other body functions will deliver noticeable benefits. On your smart phone, you can download meditation apps and receive peaceful inputs every day

•     Keep Moving. How often do you have to hear it? Exercise is good for you. But research has showed you can downsize exercise and still receive the mood enhancement you are seeking. Just a brisk walk just 20 to 30 minutes a day can have significant stress lowering benefits.

•      Avoid multitasking: I know you think if you can handle a multitude of tasks all at once. But the facts show your brain does not go along with you on your multitasking skills. In fact, too much has been shown to increase stress.

The brain operates more efficiently on taking on one task at a time. You may find that you can get more done with less mental effort and reduced stress.

•        Sweet dreams: Your ability to manage stress is enhanced if you are well rested. What does a good night’s sleep provide? Sufficient sleeping time sharpens mental focus, and elevates overall mood ands sense of well-being. The accepted number of hours for a restful sleep and a better tomorrow is 7 to 9 hours.

•         The cup is always half full: The facts are in. People who have a positive outlook on life suffer less with physical and emotional difficulties over negative-minded persons. If you are one of the glass is always half full folks you are going to manage stress better and less likely to become depressed emotionally.

Not all stress is bad. If you have a tight assignment at work, stress can stimulate motivation. Handling stress and coping with it makes it easier to handle a similar situation in the future.

Try this mind trick. The next time you are facing an overwhelming stressful situation, flip it over and make it a challenge that you will conquer and overcome.

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Author: David Wilkinson

Web master: web site is marketing concepts for small businesses targeted around web site design and follow on customer building concepts like email marketing, use of social media, media coverage and search engine optimization. In addition, Wilkinson is a bookwriter. Along with his brother,Don, David has written and published two business books: "Stop Wasting Your Wealth in Mutual Funds." and "Rollover— Make Your Retirement Savings Last Longer Than You Do" Second book schedule to be published in February 2017.

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