Plan Your Retirement the Easy Way With a Website and a Book

One of the most important areas of retiring that my brother and I stress in our new book,  Rollover, is “Planning”. However, research reveals that most pre and post retirees would rather rake leaves than make a plan on how they’re going to live out their remaining years.

retirement plan label on folder

It’s so crucial that this blog article is steering you to a website that makes it much easier and more enjoyable to take on the planning cycle of your retirement than the myriad of calculators, charting, consensus analyst estimates, and, yes, boring books. Before you grab the rake, this site aptly named “New Retirement” is the answer.

So much so, “NewRetirement” was named by Computerized Investing’s Best of the Web for retirement planning in 2017.

I don’t always give plugs on competing products like a retirement website but this one offers a real match for the struggling boomer (1946-1964) or seasoned senior (born before 1946) who wants to put his or her retirement planning to bed and sleep better at the same time.

Most helpful retirement calculators and tools

      • Easy-to-understand, up-to-date information and articles

      •  Worthwhile suggestions on how to improve your retirement plan outcome

      •  It’s free!

All in all, “NewRetirement” has a lot of information on retirement and offers outstanding calculators and tools. On top of that, its easy-to-understand presentation and helpful guidance make this one of the best retirement planning websites on the worldwide web.

I might add that our book, Rollover, can bring you into a similar comfort zone about your retirement planning but offering you more extensive background information; it’s never boring. In fact, investing your time and money in both: NewRetirement—the retirement planning website and the Rollover book a complete picture of retirement planning with all facets will insure you have all your lifestyle bases covered.



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Author: David Wilkinson

Web master: web site is marketing concepts for small businesses targeted around web site design and follow on customer building concepts like email marketing, use of social media, media coverage and search engine optimization. In addition, Wilkinson is a bookwriter. Along with his brother,Don, David has written and published two business books: "Stop Wasting Your Wealth in Mutual Funds." and "Rollover— Make Your Retirement Savings Last Longer Than You Do" Second book schedule to be published in February 2017.

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